Key Features

  • the smart combination of a tractor as carrier machine, together with one of our TRACTOR mounted Hoists, in total accounts to a substantial counter balance weight at the ground, assuring the MEWP operator reliably can achieve extreme sidereach movements aloft - even whilst working at an advanced height ( see Work-Diagrams) 


  • with our TRACTOR Hoist you will be able to work away comfortably at max. height, servicing an extremely wide radius in one go - right from the one work position !


  • our TRACTOR Hoists offer MEWP operators great flexibility, assuring they will be able to conduct uncompromisingly safe Works-at-Height across various types of surfaces, no matter whether working eg., on firm or gravelled grounds along roads and within court yards, or on naturally shaped grounds across open landscapes, even when facing difficult, hence changing farmland conditions, etc.


  • with a 4WD tractor as carrier machine, for you our TRACTOR Hoists also bear huge time-saving potential in comparison to any of the track-driven systems which usually, for location changes, can only be operated at crawler-speed or may even require additional transport equipment to be held at stand-by . . . 


  • you will enjoy the ease and comfort of how quickly to set up the TRACTOR Hoist within various locations and across changing ground conditions, enabling your team of keeping up a swift working-momentum throughout the day!


  • the TRACTOR Hoist may also offer a unique opportunity to increase the income ratio of your enterprise if rigging out an already available 4-WD machinery asset with one of our various hoist types


  • decide between a highly professional fully-mounted (XL) TRACTOR Hoist or a professional /semi-professional 3-point-linkage TRACTOR Hoist


the TRACTOR Hoist -  that´s all it takes for safe work at height, right from the one spot !